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Interview with Disinfection’s Game Developers

Interview with Disinfection’s Game Developers
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MagniGame: Hi Jeroen, you are one of the Disinfection’s game developers. Please introduce yourself to our followers. :))

Jeroen: About 10 years ago, I got into programming and electronics. I’ve been making various (music related) things in both hardware and software as a hobby.

And now I make games together with my girlfriend Rachel. We’re located in the Netherlands, and we plan to make game development our career.

MagniGame: Your game is Disinfection. It’s a sci-fi horror game. You launched on June 1st, and this game is in early access. But we are sure this game will be great. Because we played a little bit and we liked it. What can you tell us about your game your game?

Jeroen: Thank you. We are working diligently every day as we have quite a few plans for this game and there’s a lot of work to be done still.

Disinfection is a space horror game in which you are a trained astronaut. You are tasked with identifying and destroying a deadly nanomachine infection whilst trying to not get killed by it or any of the many dangers that lurk in space.

interview with disinfection s game developers

“Death is not the end…”

We intend to make Disinfection an immersive experience where the player truly feels the spaceship environment is out to get them. We’ve currently reached the stage where we have the basis of the game read.

But there’s a lot more depth we want to bring to the game than just a monster that hunts you. And that you have to fight. This ‘infection source’, as we call it, is the main villain for sure, but This villain specializes in repurposing both flesh and machines and will gradually turn your spaceship against you.

Thus, we are currently working on the ‘Random Events & Threats’ update, which is going to add a lot of dynamic to the gameplay by introducing new kinds of enemies and all sorts of things happening within the spaceship. Machinery may malfunction, fires may break out.

Of course, we want to give the players the ability to deal with these newer and bigger threats. So things like suit and weapon upgrades will be introduced, as well as new types of suits, tools, and weapons. These will be unlocked by ranking up and by buying them.

With the “Afterlife” update, which adds a second stage to the gameplay, we also want to do something unique with players’ deaths. Even after you pass away, you will still be able to influence the nanomachine infection by performing tasks that will either make it weaker or, if you fail, make it stronger.

There will also be “Special Tasks” and “Special Missions” which will provide unique opportunities to get extra XP and money. Also providing new and unique gameplay elements and difficulties.

disinfection free

“I’m working with my girlfriend and it’s pretty awesome!”

MagniGame: In this game, your goal is to locate and eliminate certain infections. What led you to this concept? The COVID-19 period seems to have been effective for you. Is this true?

Jeroen: I actually had the idea for this nanomachine infection for a few years already. And had written a few game concepts based on it, but never got around to actually making them. Though one concept may yet be made in the future. 

Back in 2021, we wanted to make a Phasmophobia-esque game. Because we were big fans of that game. But felt that the concept could really be expanded upon. Eventually, though, we felt our version wasn’t original enough, so we scrapped it.

By the end of 2021, I recalled my concept for the nanomachine infection and applied that idea to our scrapped project, and this eventually grew into Disinfection.

MagniGame: You and your girlfriend are developing this game together. How romantic (not kidding). How does it feel?

Jeroen: I’m not going to lie it’s awesome, haha. We complement each other well: I’m mostly technically inclined. She’s mostly creatively inclined, and we both have a little of what the other has.

This way we can divide the many, many tasks that come with game development really well.

We also play in an Industrial Death Metal band (called Prickrott). She plays guitar and I do bass and backing vocals.

I ended up working 10–12 hours a day

MagniGame: In the Disinfection game, there are some bugs, and it’s normal. Because it’s in early access and you can fix these bugs. How many hours you spent on the PC developing this game.

Jeroen: Phew, it’s a doozy. Most of the time, I ended up working 10–12 hours a day. Seven days a week. Especially if things like bugs required immediate attention. Same for Rachel when we needed to make a lot of content for the game.

Being our own boss means we can take breaks whenever we want or need to, though, so despite the somewhat brutal working hours. We manage to balance things well. The last thing we want is to burn out :)

disinfention game

“We’ve come up with a lot of concepts already

MagniGame: The Disinfection game has a potential for the future. But do you want to make any other games for different categories?

Jeroen: Rachel and I both have had the dream of making games for a long time, and in that time. We’ve come up with a lot of concepts already. And very different genres too. Here’s some of the stuff we currently have planned:

After we are done developing Disinfection, we plan on finishing an old tycoon/simulation game project called ‘Steam Factory’ in which you run a factory during the Industrial Revolution. It simulates the various workings of a steam plant as well as the various machinery attached to it. While you have to focus on managing both the machinery and the factory finances, products.

The next project after that will probably be a first-person shooter with a psychological horror twist. Currently named “Night of Legacy”. I can’t spoil much about this one yet though.

I currently have two little side projects called ‘Sweeper’ and ‘Marble Assault’. Which will both be released on GameJolt and Itch.io sometime this year. One is a vehicle combat game taking place in the same universe as Disinfection.

The other is a marble-racing game combined with third-person shooter and vehicle combat elements. Expect some fast-paced action with trippy visuals :)

I’ve written my own custom game engine for these two games. With a custom rendering system designed to render mathematically described shapes together with “classic” mesh shapes, which I may also implement in the ‘Afterlife’ update for Disinfection since we need some very trippy and otherworldly visuals for that.

“I’m terrified of horror games!”

MagniGame: What kinds of games do you really like to play? And the last question for our followers. What do you want to say to them?

Jeroen: This is where I should admit something. I’m terrified of horror games, haha! So I usually play survival/crafting/building, RTS, or racing games instead. Subnautica, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Space Engineers, Sins of a Solar Empire comes to mind.
The horror games I am currently playing are Alien: Isolation (a big inspiration for Disinfection, atmosphere-wise) and Phasmophobia (of which the same can be said, obviously). Check out our game if you haven’t already! Follow us on Twitter (@EvilTurtleGames) or Steam if you want to stay updated on its progress. And to our astronauts: Happy huntin’ :)

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