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Interview with Moons of Ardan’s Game Developer

Interview with Moons of Ardan’s Game Developer
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Moons of Ardan is a city-building and management game where you rebuild and expand your civilization across moons in a real-time simulated planetary system. You can do whatever you want. But what do you know about this game. We wanted to learn more and that’s why we did this interview with Moons of Ardan’s game developer. Enjoy it!

MagniGame: Hi Quentin, firstly thanks for accepting our interview offer. Quentin, you are a game developer and you are making Moons of Ardan game. Before talking about the game please tell us something about you. We want to know you. :))

Quentin: Hello M4gni, thank you for the interview. I am from Belgium, passionate about games for a long time. I started my career as game programmer in 2006 in a game studio called 10Tacle Belgium. We were working on a AAA game for XBOX360, but the company ran out of business. After that adventure, I mostly did game jams with friends, as I am quite fond of that. In 2014, I joined Abrakam to work on Faeria, a strategic card game . And later, worked on Roguebook , their last released game. But what I wanted the most, was to work on my own game to have full creative freedom. So, in April 2020, I left my job to start working on more personal games full-time. Quite a crazy decision from a financial perspective.

moons of ardan oyunu

MagniGame: Let’s talk about Moons of Ardan. This game was released last year as early access. But even if now we can say it’s cool. How many people working on this project?

Quentin: We are two on the project.

  • Myself, doing mostly programming and game design. I’ve been working full-time since September 2020.
  • François Mauge, a graphic designer, working part-time. (25% – because he has to continue his day job), doing mostly the graphics.
    There are also two other friends helping us. Christophe Hubermont, as a music composer and Fabien Kalinowski mostly as an advisor

Our main inspiration is Anno in space”

MagniGame: Is this your first game?

Quentin: It is the first game that we worked on enough to release. Which is quite a job, already.

MagniGame: Actually we really like city-building games but yours is different. We gonna build a city on different planets. There are some details on the game like resources, buildings, developping new technologies etc. Will we see more details like Cities XXL game?

Quentin: Our main inspiration is “Anno in space”. Especially on production chains and citizen needs concepts. Our goal is now to increase the options offered to players as we release patches.
We’d like to increase the amount of the parameters you can play with, bringing more complexity during the late game (like in Factorio). While keeping the focus on the citizens and their happiness.
We will also explore the complexity of the planetary systems like specific resources, seasons and maybe the influence of the time of day and lighting. On the ecological side, we’d like the game to be playable either by trying to have the cleanest system possible but also with an industrial mindset. Which will bring its own complexities. But maybe the feeling after a game should be what makes you try a cleaner, harder approach.

interview with moons of ardans game developers

“The sky is the limit”

MagniGame: After this game, what is on your mind? Any other projects?

Quentin: We haven’t had much time to think about this, yet. That depends a lot on the sales of this game. But we believe we have the elements that will allow us to make more games. (builders or maybe something else) on simulated planets.
We really like many types of games, so the sky is the limit ;)

MagniGame: How many hours are spent in a day developing this game? And is it easy or hard?

Quentin: We are close to an average of 8h/day, so normal day of work. It is quite hard, you always need to develop new skills such as project planning, marketing, graphic design, legal stuff… But in our initial skill sets, we also need to improve a lot to make it work with our limited resources. For example, 3D modelling work for buildings has to follow new features that we bring into the game. So we have to be iterative and improve them later.

We’ve never received negative feedback

MagniGame: Moons of Ardan has really cool graphics. Simple but looks good. Especially colours. We really like it but what about the other gamers’ feedback? Coz sometimes their comments can be offending.

Quentin: We’ve never received negative feedback on the look of the game. The players seem to understand we are few and in early access, and that we are doing our best to give the best-looking game we can, and it will continue to evolve a lot.
As an example, we did find some time to add lens flares in the most recent patch.

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MagniGame: As we know you are from Belgium. What do you want to say to your Turkish subscribers and game developers in Turkey?

Quentin: I would say, just do what you love and try to make games, it is a really fun activity. Also, don’t be scared to ask questions to other devs.
And as players, try to support us by giving us feedback but also if you can buy the game, try to write a steam review, it is vital for us.

MagniGame: Thanks a lot Quentin, it was a pleasure for us and we hope you like it also. And we hope, we can see you with more projects. :))

Quentin: Thank you very much for the talk.

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